Sage 300 has been renamed to Sage 300cloud

“Sage 300” has been renamed as “Sage 300 Cloud” to position the product as being “Cloud ready”.

Sage 300cloud brings an enhanced businesses experience with the benefits of cloud– which allows access to the application from anywhere and from any device using an internet connection–  while still being installed on-premise. The changes also affect other Sage product line, some of them are not offered in Indonesia:

Previous Name                    New Name

Sage 50c                              Sage 50cloud

Sage 100c                            Sage 100cloud

Sage 300c                            Sage 300cloud

Customers need to be aware that the “cloud” in Sage 300cloud is not to be mistaken for a SaaS offering and excludes hosting or managed services, although some partners offer those solutions to provide their customers with complete cloud solutions.

The difference between the previous Sage 300 and Sage 300cloud is only in the pricing where the cloud edition is using a subscription-based pricing.  The product itself does not change. It is still the same product as the full-featured Sage 300 desktop edition and it can be installed on premise.

Starting with only $35 per user per month, many customers see the benefits of getting into the new pricing, or the cloud edition.  If you are ready to make the switch of are having questions, BSC as an authorized partner of Sage in Indonesia can provide you with answers.  Use our contact form below or on the top menu to get in touch with us.

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