Intracawood Has Chosen forwardERP

Intracawood Manufacturing has selected forwardERP, a customizable ERP software by  BSC, to support the modernization of the company’s ERP processes. A government-owned forestry firm (PT Inhutani 1) and two private companies (PT Altrak 78 and PT Berca Indonesia), joined forces to form PT Intracawood Manufacturing in 1991. Intracawood has quickly established itself as one of Asia’s leading suppliers of premium plywood.

All of Intracawood’s manufacturing operations are conducted at the company’s production facility, which is located on a 55 acre property in Juata Laut, a town close to Tarakan in the North Kalimantan region of resource-rich Indonesia. There, the business manufactures its plywood goods with highly sophisticated machinery created and manufactured in Japan.

The business is currently working to upgrade its ERP in order to make better use of the operational internal resources. As a result, management has chosen to adopt forwardERP, an integrated ERP system, to support all of its operations, including manufacturing, inventory management, and finance/accounting.

forwardERP is an integrated ERP system that is  developed and maintained by BSC. The software has been made suitable for Indonesian companies through configurations and additional modules that support local regulations. BSC has helped many companies from various industries improve their efficiency and automate their processes.

The system that best satisfies the current needs of Intracawood is forwardERP, which has been chosen as the ERP system to be used. The software will be implemented in phases in order to ensure successful deployment, drawing on the implementation expertise of BSC Indonesia.

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