Losing Human Capital is more difficult than Financial Capital

At The 7th Indonesia HR Summit 2015, minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Sudirman Said, appealed to the Human Resource (HR) Leaders,  to use their positions as HR leaders not only administrative things, but as the best influencer to the top leaders.

The Minister Said, according to the research, 70% HR leaders report directly to the CEO, this is an opportunity to interact, to generate ideas and to present the best view to be done. Based on his opinion, there are two capitals in managing a company or an organization, financial capital and human capital.

“If we lose financial capital as we have the good proposal, then we can get external resources, but when the human capital is lost, it will be hard to return it. Even the better the quality of human capital, it will be harder to get it, needs time to get the best skill,” he said.

Then Sudirman appealed to the leaders and the CEO to protect and preserve human capital in every conditions.

“I want the leaders to strive in every conditions, moreover the freeze recruitment is the last thing to do,” said him clearly.

Long term workers will understand by themselves that someday crisis will be returned again, and there is no people want the on-going crisis, there is certainly a recovery process, there will be a balance with an increased cycle.

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