5 Benefits of Employee Self Service

Most companies today are opting for employee self service features in their HR software, letting employees edit and update personal details such as address, contact number or bank details. Wondering whether your company needs an employee self-service system?

Here are five reasons why employee self-service is a must for your business:

1. Employee in charge of their own data

With an employee self service system, you give your employees responsibility for their own data. They can enter, modify, and delete their data without HR’s involvement. It provides employee with an interface to view day-to-day information such as their leave qouta, attendance, performance appraisals.

2. Reduce workload

Employee Self Service system gives an easy way to reduce the workloads of human resource management. Since the control of employee’s data is transferred to the employee with ESS, HR managers can focus on other important aspects that can lead o the growth of the business.

3. Benefits for Employers

Apart from providing numerous benefits to employees, an employee self service helps employers too. It provides them with a platform where they can perform several employees’ related operations with ease and convenience. The operations include:

  • Uploading online pay slips.
  • Rejecting or accepting employee’s leave applications online.
  • Providing online task sheets to employees.
  • Online review worksheets of employees.
  • Tracking employee’s location with the locator board that is a part of an ESS system.

4. Enhanced security

An employee self service system grants special privileges to the employees to modify their details. However, to avoid the risk of misusing this system, employers can restrict their functionality. For example; the employer can disable certain fields from being modified by the employees. This provides the employer an enhanced security while giving restricted controls to the employees.

5. Ideal system for small businesses

Small business organizations usually do not have a dedicated HR team. Most of the HR duties are performed by the employers themselves. Having such a system installed will allow the employer to focus more on the growth of the business by reducing their workload up to a great extent. Furthermore, an ESS system will eliminate any disparity in hours, worked, payroll rates, overtime worked, etc among the employer and employee that may arise due to any reason. As all the details necessary details and history about the hours worked by the employees and the number of days they have worked will be maintained and easily available on the ESS system, there will no chance of any unwanted issue to be created.

To sum it up, installing an employee self-service business will serve you numerous benefits. It will not only reduce workload off your shoulders but also increase the productivity of employees which will reap fruitful results for your business.

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